Field trip 1 – Smart Dairy Farming

This tour visits the research farm Dairy Campus and the Stokman Dairy farm, both in the northern part of the Netherlands. 

1. Dairy Campus

Dairy Campus is located near Leeuwarden. As part of Wageningen University & Research, it is linked to numerous knowledge centres and organisations in the dairy chain. Dairy Campus is an inspiring meeting place for anyone involved in the dairy sector and serves as a hub that inspires innovation in the dairy chain. Research projects deal with precision dairy farming (robots and sensors), animal feeding management, manure processing, grazing systems, young stock raising, environmental management and working conditions. 

The farm has 550 dairy cows, housed in a number of different designed and equipped facilities, tailored to current research issues. Cows are milked in a centrally located building with a 40-stall external rotary milking platform. One robotic milking system  is used for research and practice-based learning. The average milk production at Dairy Campus is 9,000 kg per cow per lactation.

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Dairy Campus

2. Stokman Dairy farm in Koudum

After lunch you visit the Stokman Dairy farm in Koudum. The farm has 300 dairy cows producing 8,600 kg ECM/cow/year, milked with robots.
Anton Stokman, is a trendsetter in introducing new technologies. His motivation: ‘What is good for the cow, is good for the farmer’. A new innovative barn with an optimal balance between environment, animal welfare, landscape, energy, technology and economics underlines this. As McDonald’s Europe Flagship Farm the enterprise meets the criteria of the McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Programme (MAAP) and has a showcase function for other suppliers in the food chain.

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Stokman Dairy farm