Field trip 4 – Innovative pig and poultry production

This tour visits 3 farms in the southern part of the Netherlands, with  new concepts for poultry and pig production. All 3 farms have innovative housing systems with animal welfare and sustainability as top priorities. 


1. TerraSea

TerraSea is a new holding concept for broilers, designed by the Van Zeeland family in Gemert and realised in close cooperation with INNO+, a company in climate technology and air purification. The Van Zeeland family holds 100,000 broilers in four barns. 

More information about TerraSea (in Dutch): 


2. The Houbensteyn Group

2 The Houbensteyn Group  in Ysselsteyn consists of 2 branches, pig farming and sustainable energy production. The pig farm includes 4500 sows and 20,000 fattening pigs, with associated services such as e.g. feed production and AI station. 
More information about the motives, vision and backgrounds of the Houbensteyn Group (in Dutch): 


The Houbensteyn Group

3. Kipster

​3 In September 2017 an innovative barn for laying hens, Kipster, was built in Castenray. Kipster is an animal and environmental friendly housing system,  with lower disease pressure, socially responsible and flexible and scalable e.g. to blend with the landscape  24,000 laying hens live at Kipster. Kipster consists of a light-permeable courtyard garden, with on both sides shelter accommodations with aviary facilities. On the sides is an outside garden shielded with windbreaker mesh. State of the art technology is used for air cleaning, feeding and energy supply, 
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