Post conference field trips

We are pleased to offer 4  post-conference field trips on Thursday 12 July 2018. Each tour shows the current and future technological developments in the  sectors: (1) dairy farming, (2) horticulture, (3) arable farming, and (4) pig and poultry farming. Departure from the Conference venue at 8 a.m. Return at Wageningen Campus at 6 p.m.

Field trip 1 – Smart Dairy Farming

This tour visits the research farm Dairy Campus and a private dairy enterprise, in the province of Friesland in the northern part of the Netherlands. Dairy Campus is an inspiring meeting place for anyone involved in the dairy sector. You will see research projects on precision agriculture (sensors), animal feeding management, manure processing, grazing systems, young stock raising, biodiversity and environmental management. 
On the private dairy farm 300 dairy cows are milked with robots and as many as possible sensors are used for daily cow management. The new innovative barn with an optimal balance between environment, animal welfare, landscape, energy, technology and economics, gives a good impression of the art dairy farming in the Netherlands.

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Field trip 2 – Horticulture robotics tour

Dutch greenhouse horticulture is world leading. The sector has 10.000 ha high-tech greenhouses with production of vegetables and ornamentals. Innovation and research always play an important role, in order to develop and implement the most advanced systems. This tour visits a high-tech pot plant producer, with automated product handling with moving benches, robots and intelligent logistics with advanced camera systems for product sorting and grading. Second stop is at a machine construction company for seed, plant and product handling, with advanced sensors and computer vision algorithms. The application of this equipment at a commercial vegetable grower will complete the trip.

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Field trip 3 – Precision arable farming

This tour visits the ‘Applied Arable and Vegetable Research’ institute of Wageningen Plant Research, located in the middle of the Netherlands. Research projects at this site focus on practical innovations. One of the main research topics is main precision agriculture e.g.: satellite observations, sensors, site-specific crop and harvest measures, yield cards, automation, robotics and wireless networks. At the core, it is about detection of heterogeneity in crop or soil, deciding what to do with these data  and then performing a site-specific action. 
Second stop of this tour is Agrifac Machinery B.V. This company develops and builds high tech self-propelled crop sprayers, trailed crop sprayers and a range of beet harvesters.

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Field trip 4 – Innovative pig and poultry production

This tour to the southern part of the Netherlands, visits new housing systems and innovations for poultry and pig production. We visit the brand new housing system Kipster for laying hens, a farm of the Houbesteijn group with 4500 sows and 20.000 fattening pigs and the family Van Zeeland farm with their new broilers systems Terra Sea.

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