Special session y COST Action CA16106

COST Action CA16106A special session on ammonia and GHG emission from livestock housing, by COST Action CA16106, LivAGE

The global livestock sector is growing faster than any other agricultural sub-sector. While livestock production forms one of the pillars of the EU food industry it faces many societal challenges, not least from the rising demand for meat protein, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, coupled with the falling numbers of young farmers entering the industry. Modern farm animal production is increasingly regarded as a source of solid, liquid and gaseous and dusts emissions which can be both a nuisance and environmentally harmful.

This special session collaborated and organized by COST action LivAGE- “Ammonia and Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Animal Production Buildings” is aiming at to enhance international discipline cooperation for exchanging ideas and knowledge, sharing good practices, assess technologies that could result in reducing the emissions of GHGs and ammonia from livestock buildings and thus to lead to a more environmental friendly and sustainable livestock production. This special session will provide a forum for discussing the state-of-the-art of ammonia and GHG emission measurements, modelling and reduction techniques. The session will also provide an opportunity to share research experiences and to promote networking among those attendees.

Chair: Andre Aarnink;

Co-Chair: Guoqiang Zhang

Scientific committee: Nico Ogink; Melynda Hassouna, Koci Kamila, Salvador Calvet, Sabine Schrade, Peter Demeyer, Şeyda Özkan Gülzari, Thomas Bartzanas